Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all your questions and frequently asked questions about our rates, services, meeting point, and our commitment, among others.

Payment methods

Card Card Card Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Maestro. Payment is immediate and convenient - you can pay for your reservation with your usual credit or debit card at the time of booking.

Pre Booking 24H

If you want to book in advance but prefer not to pay until one day before the transfer, make a "pre-booking" of your transfer and the payment will be automatically processed one day before the date of your transfer. With our "pre-booking" option, you don't have to worry about making the payment right away, it's easy and safe!

Is it safe to pay with a credit card online?

At Cabbik, we want to assure you that our online payment system is safe and reliable. We understand that security is one of our customers' main concerns when making online transactions, so we have implemented advanced security measures to ensure that your transactions are safe and protected.

In addition to the 256-bit SSL certificate, we use a two-step authentication system to further protect your financial information. This system requires you to provide a unique code sent to your mobile phone or email before your transaction is processed, meaning that only you can make purchases with your card.

Do you have more questions?

We can help

Tel. +34607266255

About us

At Cabbik, we can organize any type of transfer to or from the airport.

We have a team of highly trained drivers that includes official taxi drivers, VTC drivers, and minibus drivers. All of them meet the necessary legal and safety requirements, and are registered with the relevant authorities to provide a safe service. We guarantee that our drivers are always up-to-date with regulations and safety standards.

Our vehicles cater to all budgets and group sizes, from taxis and private minibuses to large buses.

With Cabbik, we offer you the best guarantee. Your trip will be safe, fast, and meet your expectations. Getting to your destination has never been easier.

I haven't booked yet.

To ensure the availability of our private transportation service, we recommend making your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. However, if you want to be certain that you will have access to our service at the time you need it, we suggest booking 48 hours in advance. We are available to meet your transportation needs in the city and will do our best to assist you even if you have a last-minute emergency.

Yes, all our transfers are door-to-door. Our professional driver will take you directly from the point of origin to the point of destination, as specified in your reservation.

 If you book online, you'll get our VIP pass.
 It will give you various benefits, for example you will not need to queue for your taxi or you can request different accessories like baby seats or booster seats that are not usually available at the airport taxi ranks. It also gives you a fixed fare for the whole municipality you are travelling to, a great way to keep costs under control avoiding disappointing surprises.

No, we only offer private transfers, which means that your transfer is exclusive to you or your group.

You can bring 1 suitcase per available seat in the vehicle plus 1 small bag (laptop, camera or small purse, for example).
If you have more luggage than this, please let us know in advance so that we can provide a suitable vehicle for your transfer.

Yes, at Cabbik we care about the safety of all our passengers, including the little ones. That's why we have baby seats, booster seats, and even Maxi-Cosi in some of our vehicles to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for everyone.

When making your reservation, let us know what type of seat you need for your child so we can have it prepared in the vehicle when it's time for your transfer. This way, you can enjoy a worry-free journey.

According to the traffic regulations in Spain, babies (0-2 years old) and children (2-11 years old) count as passengers in any type of vehicle since they occupy a seat. Therefore, it's important to have proper safety seats, such as baby seats, boosters, and Maxi-Cosi, to ensure the safety of children during travel and compliance with state regulations.

The traffic regulations in Spain prohibit carrying children on top of an adult while traveling in a vehicle, as it can be very dangerous in the event of an accident or sudden stop. Therefore, it's important to have proper safety seats to ensure the safety of children at all times.

In the booking, you must indicate the actual arrival time.
Once the flight has landed, you have 45 minutes to collect your luggage, which is enough time to do so without any problems.
If for any reason, such as lost luggage or any other incident, you need more time, please let our customer service department know to avoid us finalizing the reservation as a no-show.
Do not worry about the luggage wait time, simply indicate the actual arrival time in the booking form and our driver will be there to pick you up.
If you indicate a different time than the actual arrival time, we will send the driver at the time indicated in the form.

If you are traveling with a group of people and arriving on different flights, it is best to provide us with the flight number of the person arriving last when making your reservation. This way our drivers can wait for all passengers at the meeting point without increasing the driver's waiting time.
It is important to provide us with all passengers' flight numbers in the comments of your reservation, in case there is any delay or change in flight schedules. This will allow us to adjust the arrival times and ensure our drivers are there when all passengers arrive.

If you need to make a stop to pick up the keys to your apartment or villa, simply let us know at the time of booking by selecting the "Stop in the same locality" option. This way, our team of expert drivers will plan the route and necessary waiting time so you can make the stop efficiently

At Cabbik, we make sure you are informed about the duration of the journey before making the reservation.

We will indicate the approximate duration of the journey based on the pick-up location and final destination at the time of your online booking. This way you will know approximately how long the journey will take.

It is important to note that the duration of the journey may vary depending on traffic conditions, time of day, and other external factors. Therefore, the actual duration of the journey may be slightly different from what is indicated at the time of booking. However, we will always do our best to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and without worries.

I have made my booking

We will confirm your reservation as soon as we receive all the necessary information.

Once you have completed the online booking form and provided all the necessary information, our reservations team will review the request and send you a confirmation email. This email will indicate that the reservation has been confirmed and provide you with a booking number.

Confirmation of the reservation may take a few minutes to arrive in your email, depending on the volume of requests we have at that time. If you have not received confirmation of your reservation after a few minutes, please check your spam folder or contact our customer service team for more information.

If you have not received the reservation confirmation email after completing the booking with Cabbik, it may be due to various reasons.

Firstly, please check your spam or junk folder to make sure the email did not get filtered there. If you find the reservation confirmation in that folder, you will need to mark it as legitimate mail or add the sender to your safe contacts list.

If you cannot find the confirmation in your spam folder, there may be an error in the email address you provided during the booking process. If you think that is the case, please contact our customer service team via WhatsApp or email to resolve the issue.

To contact us via WhatsApp, simply click on the "WhatsApp" button on our website and our customer service team will assist you. You can also send us an email at and our team will respond as soon as possible.

I am already at the airport - meeting point

At the Palma de Mallorca airport, Cabbik has its own office where we receive our clients. Our team will be waiting for you in the arrivals area of the airport, at column number 1. Once you have collected your luggage, head to the right towards column 1, where you will find our office and the Cabbik team waiting for you.

If you have difficulty finding our office or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service phone number indicated in your reservation or through the Whatsapp chat at +34607266255. Additionally, you will receive an SMS 24 hours before your transfer with the confirmation of your reservation and detailed instructions on how to locate the meeting point.

In our private transportation service, we strive to offer you a worry-free travel experience, even in unforeseen situations. If your arrival is delayed or diverted to a dfferent airport or port, our customer service team will work with you to reschedule the transfer service according to your new arrival time, subject to availability. If there is no availability for the new schedule, we guarantee a full refund of the amount paid. We understand that circumstances can change at any time, so we are here to adapt to your needs and make your transfer as comfortable and convenient as possible. In addition, we apply flight delay definitions according to IATA standards.

At Cabbik, we understand that changes in our customers' travel plans can arise and we always do our best to accommodate those changes.

If your flight has changed, it is important that you inform us immediately so that we can adjust the time of your transfer and ensure that we will be there to pick you up. You can email us at with the details of your new flight and the time you need the transfer. Our customer service team will review the availability of vehicles for the new time and confirm the new pick-up time with you.

At Cabbik, we understand that flight cancellations can be frustrating and we always do our best to assist you in these situations.
If your flight has been cancelled and you already have a transfer booked with us, it is important that you inform us immediately so that we can rearrange the transfer according to your new flight information.
A new payment may be required if you need a transfer on a new date or at a different time, depending on the availability and rates of the vehicles.
Remember that, according to European passenger rights regulations, you are entitled to receive compensation for damages if your flight has been cancelled.
If you need more information about your passenger rights, please contact us through our online WhatsApp service or by calling the exclusive phone number for customers that appears on your booking confirmation.

Back To the airport

All our vehicles will always pick you up on time. Nevertheless, there might be delays due to circumstances beyond our control such as roadworks, local roads diverted or closed, heavy traffic, accidents or local holidays.

Our driver will be punctually at the place and time indicated on your booking voucher for the return transfer to the airport. If you are staying at a hotel, our driver will pick you up at the main entrance of the hotel. If you are staying at a private residence, our driver will pick you up at the address indicated in the booking, on the specified street and number. In any case, our team will always be in contact with you to confirm the transfer details and ensure a seamless transport experience.

It is not mandatory for you to confirm the pickup time, as we will send you a reminder the day before your transfer date to remind you of the time you have booked.
However, if you wish to confirm the pickup time, you can do so through our WhatsApp chat or by sending an email to our customer service team.
We will be happy to assist you at any time.

If you want to hire the return service to the airport, you can easily do so through our website just like you did with the one-way booking.
You just have to select the type of service you need, indicate the date and time of pickup, as well as the pickup point and destination, and follow the steps to complete the booking.
If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team through our WhatsApp chat or email.

We'll be happy to help you book your return transfer to the airport.

I don't have internet where I am, how can I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, it is necessary to have access to the Internet either from a computer or a mobile device. If you do not have access to the Internet where you are, we recommend that you look for a WiFi connection or a place where you can access the Internet to make your reservation. You can also ask someone to make the reservation for you from a device with Internet access.

I'm back from my trip.

Tell us about your experience! We value our customers' opinions. Send us your comments, complaints or suggestions to

Have you forgotten something in one of our vehicles? Please contact us as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to help you retrieve it. Please note that the sooner you inform us, the easier it will be for us to locate the lost item and return it to you. Remember that we are at your disposal through our online WhatsApp service or by email.

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