Terms and Conditions of Transportation

General Terms of Use

  1. 1. PURPOSE
  1. 1.1. These General Terms of Use govern the access and use of the "Cabbik" application (the "APP") and the "www.cabbik.com" website (the "Website"), owned by Eurocab Travel S.L., with Tax Identification Number B16587370 and registered office at Calle Rossinyol 4, 07609, Llucmajor, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Palma de Mallorca, sheet PM-85769, Volume 2795, Page 195 (hereinafter, "Cabbik").
  1. 2.1. By accessing and using the APP and/or the Website, the Customer acknowledges having read, understood, and accepted these General Terms of Use, committing to comply with all their terms and conditions. Access and use of the APP and/or Website will be subject to the General Terms of Use in effect at the time of access. Cabbik reserves the right to modify these General Terms of Use and any other general or specific conditions applicable. In case of modification, the Customer may notify Cabbik by email at info@cabbik.com of their non-acceptance of the modifications made.
  1. 3.1. Access to the APP requires prior registration of the Customer through the registration form ("Registration Form") provided by Cabbik. The company reserves the right to accept or reject the Customer's registration request at its discretion. The data provided by the Customer on the Registration Form must be accurate, updated, and verifiable at all times.
  1. 3.2. Access and use of the APP will be protected by a password assigned to the Customer by Cabbik upon completion of the Registration Form. The Customer will be solely responsible for accessing and using the APP with their password.
  1. 3.3. The Customer will be responsible at all times for the custody of their password, assuming any damage or loss derived from its misuse, assignment, disclosure, or loss.
  1. 3.4. In case of forgetting the password or any other situation that involves the risk of access and/or use by unauthorized third parties, the Customer must immediately notify Cabbik so that it can block and replace the password. The Customer will be responsible and will pay the expenses and/or damages derived from any unauthorized access and/or use made before such communication.
  1. 3.5. The Customer will receive an email with all the details of the trips when making a reservation, which will allow them to keep a record of the reservations made and charged by Cabbik.
  1. 3.6. Cabbik is committed to making its best efforts to inform the Customer about any suspicious reservation of fraud, allowing the Customer to quickly verify if there has been appropriation or unauthorized use of their account and, if so, to notify Cabbik of any fraud detected as soon as possible.


4.1. Cabbik provides the Customer with a vehicle reservation service with driver ("Service") through the APP and/or Website. The APP and/or Website allow the Customer to access content, information, and data related to the Service. Cabbik reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration of the APP and/or Website, as well as the general conditions of access and use.

4.2. Cabbik acts as an intermediary on its own behalf in the provision of transport services to the Customer. The exclusive responsibility for the provision of the transport services contracted through the APP and/or Website lies with the third-party carriers or drivers.

4.3. Cabbik only provides the Customer with a tool to book transport services offered by third-party carriers. The Customer exempts Cabbik from any liability arising from the transport service provided by the third-party carriers.

4.4. Cabbik is registered as a travel agency and holds the corresponding administrative certificate and a liability insurance derived from its activity.

4.5. The contract between Cabbik and the Customer will be binding only when the payment has been successfully completed. After completing the reservation and receiving the payment, the Customer can view their reservation code on the screen.

4.6. The Customer is responsible for verifying the details of their reservation before traveling and informing Cabbik if there is any error. If the Customer does not receive the confirmation email, they can check the status of their reservation in "My reservation" and request a copy of their reservation at info@cabbik.com.

4.7. Cabbik is not responsible for errors made by the Customer in relation to dates and times, which may incur costs if the vehicle is sent to the Customer and the service cannot be provided due to errors made by the Customer in the schedule or dates when making the reservation.

4.8. If the transport operator is unable to provide the requested service, the Customer will be informed and the total amount will be refunded using the same payment method used, releasing the company from any other obligation to the Customer.

4.9. Cabbik requires that the vehicles of the transport companies carrying out the activity comply with any current or future regulations applicable to that activity.

4.10. Cabbik contractually requires that the taxis carrying out the activity have a liability insurance with a maximum limit of 50 million euros. Additionally, Cabbik is committed to collaborating with the Customer in the necessary procedures with the transport company responsible for the vehicle in which some damage has occurred, providing the Customer with the necessary information to obtain compensation for the damages suffered.


5.1. The rates, their updates, and terms of use will be available at all times on the APP and/or Website and are subject to possible modifications by Cabbik.

5.2. When requesting the service through the APP and/or Website, the Customer can check the trip price, which will include the applicable taxes and supplements, provided they have indicated the corresponding destination point.

5.3. Any additional charge or discrepancy between the initial price and the final price charged to the Customer will be due to modifications made by the Customer in the route or stops of the requested trip, as well as to the excess of courtesy time that the Customer makes the driver wait, according to the type of reservation, once he has arrived at the pickup point indicated.


6.1. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa credit cards, and Visa and Visa/Electron debit cards.

6.2. For the "PRE-RESERVATION" type of reservation, a payment of 0€ will be required as a guarantee when making the reservation, and the rest of the amount will be billed 24 hours before the first or only transfer.

6.3. For the "CREDIT CARD PAYMENT" type of reservation, the full amount will be required at the time of making the reservation.

6.4. Cabbik reserves the right to modify, expand, reduce, establish, and/or eliminate any payment method at any time that it considers convenient for the proper functioning of the Service. In the event of any modification, the User will be notified in a timely manner.


7.1. In the reservation form with origin at the airport, the customer must indicate the exact arrival time of their flight. If there is a discrepancy between the specified pickup time and the real arrival time of the flight indicated in the reservation, Cabbik will prioritize the real arrival time of the flight. However, if the customer needs to be picked up at a specific time, they should indicate it in the comments section.

7.2. Waiting time at the airport begins at the time of landing of the plane or, if applicable, at the time indicated by the customer in the reservation. Flight delays less than 3 hours are not considered waiting time and do not imply any supplement.

7.3. The courtesy waiting time at the airport is 45 minutes once the plane has landed.

7.4. If the customer does not show up at the meeting point or counter on the date and time agreed upon when making the reservation, the reservation will be considered as unfulfilled and will be classified as a 'no show'.

7.5. If the customer shows up at the meeting point or counter on the date and time agreed upon when making the reservation and does not comply with the reservation conditions and contract terms or maintains debt with Cabbik, the reservation will be considered as unfulfilled and will be classified as a 'no show'.

7.6. If the customer cannot locate the private transfer driver or Cabbik representative, it is the customer's responsibility to contact us by calling the customer service numbers listed on their reservation receipt. If the customer does not call these numbers and arranges an alternative transport, the service will not be provided, the transport operator will be released from their obligation to provide the service and no amount will be refunded. An external telephone services provider records and stores a list of all calls received on our customer service numbers, a photographic image of the meeting point and the current waiting time; this list will be used as evidence in case of discrepancy about whether calls were made to our contact numbers or not. Unused transfers are not refundable and the costs of an alternative transport will only be refunded if they have been pre-authorized by a Cabbik member.

7.7. In the case of lost luggage or any incident that involves exceeding the courtesy waiting time, the customer may opt

to extend the time at the airport by paying the hour rate indicated in our customer service department to the driver.


8.1. The courtesy waiting time at the address indicated by the customer is 15 minutes.

8.2. The Customer and the Passenger(s), as well as any luggage or personal items, must be ready for their transfer at the time agreed upon in the Reservation.

8.3. In the event that the Customer does not appear at the location and time indicated in the Reservation, it will be considered a "no show" and they will not be entitled to a refund.


The following are the conditions and limitations related to our vehicles, luggage transportation, and extras in Cabbik vehicles:

9.1. The traveler is entitled to transport one piece of luggage or suitcase per person with maximum combined measurements indicated in the reservation form for free.

9.2. If a passenger requires luggage transportation that exceeds this limit and the extra is not available on the website or APP at the time of the reservation, they must contact Cabbik to request a suitable vehicle.

9.3. The customer will be responsible for any cost incurred if additional vehicles are needed to transport people or undeclared luggage and if it does not fit within the vehicle specified in the reservation form.

9.4. Cabbik may later invoice the customer for the transportation of undeclared luggage, such as pets, golf clubs, bicycles, and additional luggage.

9.5. The transportation of animals is only allowed in their carrier and must be declared as a pet at the time of the reservation.

9.6. The transportation of bicycles and golf clubs is only allowed if they are within their packaging.

9.7. Cabbik reserves the right to inform the customer if the type of vehicle reserved cannot accommodate the specified luggage. In these cases, it may be necessary to update your vehicle type.

9.8. Additional luggage extras, such as pets, bicycles, baby seats, additional stops, or waiting time, must be indicated in the reservation form and cannot be requested in the driver's observation field. Otherwise, the reservation may be canceled.

9.9. The customer cannot choose the car model or color, except in the case of the Premium service which will be exclusively with the Mercedes Benz brand. They will receive a suitable car for their reservation.

9.10. If passengers carry more luggage than declared in the reservation form and it does not fit within the assigned vehicle, it will be the customer's responsibility to hire another vehicle as support. At no time will it be allowed to modify the already assigned vehicle.


10.1 The reservation confirmation sent by email contains details such as the reserved destination, pickup point and the accommodation address. Any changes affecting this information or other aspects of the reservation must be communicated through the email info@cabbik.com with sufficient advance notice before the date of the service. These changes will only be considered effective once the transport operator has confirmed the changes to the client by email. It is crucial to notify the changes with sufficient advance notice to avoid any inconvenience in the provision of the service and to ensure the correct processing of the changes. Once the changes have been confirmed, Cabbik will send the client a new reservation confirmation that will reflect the changes made.

10.2 The client can request all necessary changes without limits and without additional costs, as long as they are made with a minimum of 24 hours notice.


11.1 Changes or cancellations of a reservation must be made through the email info@cabbik.com with at least 24 hours notice.

11.2 Reservations can be partially or fully changed or canceled by journey.

11.3 If the cancellation request is received with more than 24 hours notice to the pickup time of the corresponding transfer service, the total amount associated with that transfer will be refunded.

11.4 No refund will be made if the cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours notice to the scheduled time of the corresponding transfer service. In such case, a cancellation confirmation will be sent by email to the client so that they can manage the claim with their tour operator, airline or insurance company.

11.5 If the client does not appear at the meeting point or counter on the date and time agreed upon when making the reservation, it will be considered a breach and classified as a "no show".

11.6 If the client appears at the meeting point or counter on the date and time agreed upon when making the reservation, but does not comply with the reservation's conditions and contractual terms, or maintains debts with the company, it will also be considered a breach and classified as a "no show".

11.7 Refunds will be made using the same payment method used to make the reservation.


12.1 If the transportation operator needs to make significant changes to the service conditions or cancel the service, the customer will be informed as soon as possible.

12.2 If the customer makes a reservation with an incorrect origin or destination address, it will be classified as "pending" and the customer will be notified to find a solution or correction.

12.3 If the customer makes a reservation with an incorrect origin or destination address that results in a cost higher than the amount paid, and the customer does not agree to pay the difference, the reservation will be cancelled and the paid amount will be refunded.

12.4 If the customer's flight is delayed more than 2 hours, the customer must confirm the availability of the vehicle with Cabbik.

12.5 Cabbik reserves the right to cancel a reservation when the flight delay is more than 2 hours and there are no available resources to carry out the service. In this case, the reservation amount will be cancelled at no cost to the customer.

12.6 If the transportation operator does not have the vehicle reserved by the customer, Cabbik may send a different type of vehicle, provided it is equal to or higher than the vehicle originally reserved.

12.7 If the transportation operator does not have the vehicle reserved with the number of seats requested, the service may be provided through several vehicles until the number of seats reserved by the customer is completed.

12.8 If extras not declared in the reservation that involve an additional cost are requested, Cabbik may cancel the reservation. The customer may choose to pay the extras or make a new reservation that includes the extras appropriately.

12.9 In case of unforeseen circumstances, such as weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, protests, road closures, accidents, or any other circumstance that affects passenger safety or the road, Cabbik reserves the right to cancel or modify the service. In such cases, Cabbik will work with the customer to find an alternative solution or refund the amount paid.

12.10 If the customer requests certain features in a vehicle and Cabbik cannot guarantee that the operator/partner has that requirement, Cabbik may cancel the reservation to avoid any problem. In such case, the reservation amount will be refunded to the customer.

12.11 If the service is affected by any of the above reasons, Cabbik is committed to informing the customer as soon as possible and working with them to find a solution that meets their needs and expectations.


At Cabbik, we comply with the law. Most countries require children under a certain height (generally 1.35 cm) to travel in a restraint system (such as a child seat) in the back of the vehicle.

We strongly recommend using a baby seat or booster for passengers under 12 years old or under 135 cm in height when traveling with children or babies for safety purposes. During the booking process, you can request baby seats or boosters at all destinations.

13.1 If you wish to use your own baby seat or booster and have booked a private transfer, you must inform info@cabbik.com via email before the trip begins. We need to make sure the vehicle you've booked is compatible with the seat. In the case of group services, mainly minibuses or coaches are used, and it's not possible to use baby seats in these vehicles.

13.2 Cabbik will do its best to ensure that the driver provides the seat or booster when requested. However, there may be situations where the requested seat is not available. In such cases, if no seats are available, children over three years old must use the seatbelt. Children under three years old may travel without a restraint system, but always in the back seats of the vehicle.


  1. 14.1 All children and infants, regardless of age, will be considered when determining the capacity of the vehicle to be used. Therefore, they must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of making the reservation.


15.1 During the booking process, the customer may request an additional stop if they need to pick up or drop off keys, or if their group is in more than one accommodation. The address of the additional stop must be located in the same municipality as the main stop. The maximum duration of this additional stop will be 5 minutes.

15.2 During the booking process, the customer may request additional waiting time in 45 minute blocks if they need to do shopping, manage documentation, among others. The stop for the additional waiting time can only be made in the direction of the destination indicated in the reservation.


The following are the conditions related to cancellation, delay or flight advancing in Cabbik services:

16.1 If the airline cancels your flight and notifies Cabbik more than 24 hours in advance by email, phone or chat, the reservation can be cancelled or modified free of charge.

16.2 If the airline cancels your flight less than 24 hours in advance, the reservation will not be eligible for a refund. Passengers may claim a financial compensation from their company ranging from 250€ to 600€, depending on the flight distance, although these amounts can be reduced by 50% if the airline offers alternative transportation and meets a number of requirements in terms of arrival time at the final destination.

16.3 If your flight arrives with a delay of more than one hour, Cabbik will reschedule the transfer service and you will be picked up at the new arrival time, subject to availability.

16.4 If the user cancels a trip outside the previously stipulated deadline, the full amount of the trip will be charged, regardless of whether the journey has taken place or not.

16.5 In the event that your flight is advanced, the vehicle will only be available at the originally scheduled time.

17. Pricing Errors and Right of Correction

In the event that Cabbik discovers an error in the pricing of a booking, we reserve the right to correct that error. If the error results in incorrect pricing, Cabbik will take the following actions:

If the correct price is higher than the price paid by the User, Cabbik will automatically cancel the booking. No actions will be taken to contact the User to confirm whether they wish to proceed with the booking at the correct price. However, Cabbik will inform the customer about the cancellation of the booking due to the pricing error. Subsequently, the customer will have the possibility to make a new booking at the correct rate.

If the correct price is lower than the price paid by the User, Cabbik will adjust the price and refund the difference to the User.

In all cases, if a booking is cancelled due to a pricing error, Cabbik will refund the User the full amount paid for such booking. Cabbik strives to ensure the accuracy of pricing, however, errors may occur. Cabbik is under no obligation to provide transportation services at an incorrect price.


These General Conditions shall be governed by the laws in force in Spain. The contract established between you and the company shall be governed by Spanish law.
In case of any dispute or claim, the company and the customer, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Palma de Mallorca. If any of the stipulations contained in these terms of use is declared illegal, null, or inapplicable by judicial decision, the rest of the stipulations will continue in full force and effect.

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